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  • Stephen Lam

The last 45 days of 2019 are upon us...

Where has 2019 gone? Now is the time to get ahead of the IRS and book your year end tax strategy meeting to minimize your tax obligation for 2019.

This meeting is imperative for everyone and every business whether you have experienced:

  • a significant change in income (increase or decrease)

  • received an inheritance

  • started a business

  • experienced growth within your business

  • retired from the workforce, CONGRATS!

  • an increase or decrease in dependents

Whether or not you have experienced the above changes, it is important to inquire about the various tax advantages and updates that may benefit you and your business. It is in your best interest for your financial health, to request an appointment with Stephen, our lead CPA. 

Book your year end tax strategy 

meeting to minimize your tax obligation.

Limited dates available contact us at:

908.689.3777 or for availability.

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